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Glass Buildings

Services, subscriptions, and sponsorship

  • Future Counseling

    10 000JPY
    Tous les mois
    Ideal for high school, college, and university students
    • Best methods of introspection to declare a major
    • VR STREAM + E-course Tutoring
    • International university recommendations
    • Custom plan to adjust for new lifestyle
    • Custom Pathways for fields of study academically
    • Industry Research to adapt to the job market
    • Entrepreneurship Guidance
  • VR Chemistry STREAMs

    40 000JPY
    Tous les mois
    Valable 12 mois+ 7 jours d'essai gratuit
    • E-course
  • Private Tutoring

    24 000JPY
    8 sessions
    • VR STREAM + E-course Tutoring
  • MMO Puzzle RPG

    4 000JPY
    Tous les mois
    +6 000 JPY Avatar Creation
     14 jours d'essai gratuit
    • Puzzle Practice
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